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 Prop Firm Strategy & Training with Romentum Indicator


What's the Romentum indicator?

This indicator highlights the big shifts in the Volume as well as Momentum in the market. It is best for identifying long-term trends, entries, exits and takes all the guess work out of trading! 🤔📈

It also shows when markets are coming out of a big range and moving towards an expansive run.


  • Show you WHEN to enter the market

  • Show you WHEN to exit the market

  • Demonstrate the strength of the move

  • Show when the market is in a range or out of a range

  • Show divergences before trends

  • Help you hold trades longer with peace of mind

  • MAXIMIZE your profits while eliminating stress, early entries and exiting the market too soon

  • Alert your mobile for potential entries and exit positions

The main reason I built this indicator is to not only SHOW direction of the trend but also GIVE traders direction so they don’t feel so lost in establishing a bias! Get in that trend, move your stop to entry, and profit RISK FREE!

Included with the membership is a 12-part video series on HOW to utilize this indicator with the most profitable strategies and SIMPLE methodology to bag pips from the market place!

Also included in your membership is a 19-part video series educating you on institutional trading for catching even BIGGER moves. 


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 30+ High Level Instructional Videos To Help Get You Funded


 ✅ Video 1: Romentum DIY Intro

✅ Video 2: Romentum Strategy Overview

✅ Video 3: Romentum Strategy and Framework


📈 Romentum Strategy and Framework

✅ Video 4: Romentum Blueprint and Outline

✅ Video 5: Spacing of the 200SMA and Envelopes

✅ Video 6: Using the Trendmark and Multiple Panel TimeFrames

✅ Video 7: Romentum Blueprint Entries and Exits

✅ Video 8: Adding Alerts, Making a Watchlist

✅ Video 9: Romentum Blueprint Checklist

✅ Video 10: Alternate Settings, Indicators and TimeFrames

✅ Video 11: BACKTESTING is Critical and How I Backtest the Strategy



✅ Video 12: Setting Up TradingView Crash Course

✅ Video 13: What is an "Order Block"? And using them for Targets




📈 Psychology of IT Trading and Intro to the Course

✅ Video 14: Psychology Of Institutional Trading & Introduction


📈 Institutional Terminology

✅ Video 15: Identifying I.T. candles

✅ Video 16:  Imbalances

✅ Video 17: Market Maker structure + Liquidity


📈 Institutional Entries & Exits

✅ Video 18: Logic behind structure breakouts

✅ Video 19: Entry points on IPA and IT candles

✅ Video 20: Strategy for IT Retracement entry

✅ Video 21: Multiple entry strategy with SL placement

✅ Video 22: TP targets and fib extensions


📈 Tying Institutional Strategy With Price Action Trading

✅ Video 23: Trading Channels in IT Method

✅ Video 24: Confluence, Divergence, and Market Structure

✅ Video 25: Tying It Together, IT, Structure and Entries

✅ Video 26: Top Down GBPJPY Analysis


📈 Chart Breakdown, Bonus Study Material & Live Accelerator Training Calls

✅ Video 27: Chart breakdown section intro

✅ Video 28: EURUSD False Breakout IT Breakdown


✅ Video 30: Live Accelerator Call #1

✅ Video 31: Live Accelerator IT Call #2

✅ Video 32: Live Accelerator IT Call #3

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Romentum Membership Overview 

For traders that are ready to go after outside funding and need to learn consistent trading strategies from someone has passed multiple prop firms and raised over $500k in capital.

It's a culmination of all Clay's trading knowledge that a serious trader needs in order to become proficient in prop firm trading via Forex.


The program covers:

  • 📈 Our Prop Firm Strategy

  • 📈 Prop Firm Training

  • 📈 Prop Firm Psychology

  • 📈 Institutional Trading Strategy & Tactics

  • 📈 Institutional Trading Psychology

  • 📈 Proprietary Romentum Indicator

  • 📈 VIP Community Access to Signals & Chat


Romentum Enrollment Includes:

  • Romentum Indicator Access
  • Romentum Strategy Video Training Area
  • Market Maker Pro Video Training Area
  • VIP Signals Channel (Telegram)
  • VIP Community Chat (Telegram)


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