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40+ Instructional Forex Modules 

For new and seasoned traders who want a library of Forex training videos.

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Beginner Section / Basics 📈


Video 1: Introduction to Ronin Forex Academy

Video 2: Our Recommended Broker

Video 3: Best Times To Trade

Video 4: Beginner Mistakes 

Video 5: How To Place a Trade, Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Limit Orders, Market Execution

Video 6: How To Close Partial Profits On MT4

Video 7: Defense SL to Break Even

Video 8: What Really Are Signals

Video 9: Mindset for Signals


Video 11: What is a Margin Call

Video 12: Leverage

✅ Video 13: Types of Traders

✅ Video 14: Reversal Candlesticks and DOJIS

✅ Video 15: Candlesticks and Dojis II

✅ Video 16: Support and Resistance

✅ Video 17: Trendlines


Chart Breakdowns 📈


✅ Video 17: Trendlines II, Trendline Breaks, Breakout, Fanning TLs and Making Zones

✅ Video 18: RSI Divergence

✅ Video 19: 3 Drive

✅ Video 20: Entries, Retests, Breakouts, Breakdowns

✅ Video 21: Fibonacci Updated

✅ Video 22: Buying Dips, Selling Rallies

✅ Video 23: How to make a Trading Journal

✅ Video 24: Trading Psychology

✅ Video 25: News and News Events

✅ Video 26: Trading Resources


Market Structure 📈


✅ Video 27: Market Structure Intro

✅ Video 28: Triangles, Channels, Confluences, X Marks the Spot

✅ Video 29: Head and Shoulders - Inverted Head and Shoulders

✅ Video 30: Ascending Wedge : Descending Wedge

✅ Video 31: Double Tops : Double Bottoms


Tactical 📈


✅ Video 32: Advanced Intro

✅ Video 33: Trendline Breaks, Fibs, Buying Dips and Selling Rallies Review

✅ Video 34: Fanning Trendlines

✅ Video 35: Finding Targets Using Fibonacci

✅ Video 36: Using Fibonacci for Pending Orders

✅ Video 37: RSI Double Tap - Triple Tap

✅ Video 38: Risk On - Risk Off Correlation

✅ Video 39: Risk on - Risk Off Live Trading

✅ Video 40: Technicals - Fundamentals

✅ Video 41: Making a Weekly Plan

✅ Video 42: Trader Cheat Sheet

✅ Video 43: Thank You For Being A Lifetime Member!


Bonus Sections 📈


✅ 90 Path To Success & Funding

✅ Ronin’s Resources

✅ Momentum and RSI Indicators


✅ Throw Over Lines

✅ False Breakouts - Breakdowns

✅ More on Trading RISK SENTIMENT


Gold Scalping Secrets 🍯💰💵


✅ Psychology Of Scalping

✅ Primary Scalping Strategy

✅ Scalping Indicator Checklist

✅ Moving Average Confirmation

✅ Trading Psychology

✅ Intraday Reversal Strategy


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(Does NOT include Romentum indicator inside Accelerator)

Technical & Fundamental Analysis, Trading Psychology & Community Group Access


For traders that are not yet ready to receive outside funding and need to learn consistent trading strategies from beginner to advanced concepts. It's a culmination of all my trading knowledge that a beginner trader needs in order to become proficient in trading Forex.


The program covers:

  • Beginner Terminology & "How-To" Basics For Getting Started
  • Strategies For Entries, Exits, Indicators, Technicals & Fundamentals
  • Understanding Market Structure & Chart Analysis
  • Advanced Strategies & Weekly Trading Plan
  • 50+ Videos To Learn At Your Own Pace


Ronin Forex Academy Enrollment Includes:

  • Ronin Forex Academy
  • VIP Community Chat (Telegram)


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Live trading sessions lead by Clay and team with group mentorship.

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