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We receive about 300 applications per month for the Accelerator. Spots on calendar may be limited. Apply Below.



Accelerator membership includes:

  • 25 live interactive trading calls per month lead by Clay
  • Full Access To Elite Trading Community 
  • Access To The Romentum Indicator & Training

  • Trend Following EA and Semi-Automated Trading System

This is for traders who want to join a high level trading community with trading strategy and mentorship.


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40+ Instructional Forex Videos

Beginner to advanced Forex trading instructional videos. Includes VIP Chat.

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Trade With Our Capital

Ronin Forex Group partnered with SOL Funding to offer one-stage assessments with zero time restrictions.

Up To $1 Million

Life Reset

Building and maintaining a sober-based lifestyle to reach your full potential. Focused on lifestyle discipline.

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VIP Signals & VIP Chat Community

3-6 trades sent per week. For educational purposes only. Trade at your own risk. 

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Proprietary Indicator & Prop Firm Strategy

Prop firm strategy used to pass multiple funding challenges with indicator. 

Prop Firm Strategy