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Clay created Ronin Forex in 2017 by creating a telegram channel for trade setup analysis and signal services. Since then he has created a complete Forex training to show all of his members the strategies and techniques he has used to pass his funding challenges and stay consistently profitable in the markets. 
Today he has students from all over the world learning and trading Forex alongside him and the rest of the community. 
Most of his students in the community refer to him simply as Ronin - a wandering samurai who has no lord or master. 

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"I joined this amazing community in January and my trading has improved exponentially through Ronin’s mentorship and learning from fellow traders in the VIP chat group. If like me your looking for a stable Forex group to learn with whilst improving your finances then look no further ..."

Stephen Austin
Ronin Forex Student

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Students from all over the world are welcome to join the VIP Community to improve their trading repertoire while learning from both the Academy and their fellow traders. 

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