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Ronin Forex Academy

Learn To Trade - Technicals, Fundamentals, Psychology, & Community



This is for traders that are not ready to receive outside funding and need to learn consistent trading strategies from beginner to advanced. It's culmination of all my knowledge that a beginner trader needs in order to become proficient in trading Forex. The program goes over:

  • Beginner Terminology & "How-To" Basics For Getting Started
  • Strategies For Entries, Exits, Indicators, Technicals, & Fundamentals
  • Understanding Market Structure & Chart Analysis
  • Advanced Strategies & Weekly Trading Plan
  • 50+ Videos To Learn At Your Own Pace


Ronin Forex Academy Enrollment Includes:

  • Ronin Forex Academy
  • VIP Signals Channel (Telegram)
  • VIP Community Chat (Telegram)
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Forex Foundations

Get Access To The VIP Signals Channel & Entry Level Training Program

$79/Monthly Subscription

For people who want access to our VIP Signals Channel & entry level training program Forex Foundations, then this is for you. It's a monthly membership that you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. 

What's included in the monthly membership?

  • Access to the Forex Foundations Course
  • Access To The VIP Signals Channel 
  • 3-6 Daily Trade Set Ups 
  • Market Updates
  • Video Updates 
  • Monthly Payment
  • Cancel Anytime 👍
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Market Maker Pro

Learn Institutional Trading Strategies & Roadmap To Funding

This is for traders that want to learn institutional trading strategies along with a roadmap to getting funded with outside capital. This does not include weekly coaching calls. It's set up for the student to learn at their own pace. The program goes over:

  • Institutional Terminology
  • Institutional Entries & Exits
  • Tying Institutional Strategy With Price Action Trading
  • Over-The-Shoulder Chart Breakdowns
  • Roadmap To Funding With Outside Capital

Market Maker Pro Enrollment Includes:

  • Market Maker Pro
  • Ronin Forex Academy
  • VIP Signals Channel (Telegram)
  • VIP Community Chat (Telegram)
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Accelerator Program

Breakout - Get Coaching - Get Funded

This is my highest level coaching program designed to help experienced traders pass their funding challenges and stay profitable. This program includes 1-1 calls with Clay and group accountability. Book a call and join this Elite trading program if you're ready to level all the way up! 

Accelerator Enrollment Includes:

  • Training Videos Specific To Passing Funding Challenges
  • 1-1 Coaching Calls
  • Group Coaching Calls
  • Market Maker Pro
  • Ronin Forex Academy
  • Elite Chat Community (Telegram)
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